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Great Advice on Life from Elder Busche

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Thank you to ldsteencenter for giving us permission to use this powerful video that he produced.In a BYU Devotional, given on May 14 1996, Elder F. Enzio Busche of the Quorum of the Seventy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( gave advice to those listening on how to become a disciple of Christ. The speech was entitled "Unleashing the Dormant Spirit" and can be found at

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Travis Packer: The music is from Thomas Newman's score of A series of Unfortunate events.
Morgan Lewis: Array
Jason Allred: Array
Ana Calderon: My favorite one..=)
macmaddxx09: i wish i could listen to this both before bed, and when i wake up, it would help my day so much!!!
Rachelle Cooper: so awesome!!
LdsNanaAskMormon: This is beautiful. Thank you for putting these truly inspired words, to such lovely music.
tahitianflower: Thank you so much for sharing this, it's just one tiny stone thrown into the still pond. May god bless you all.
colliehauls: what's the song? I reeeeeeeeally reeeeeeeally want it! :D
mdlight2: WOW!
Alicia Rawlins: Wonderful advice! I need to listen to this again and again to soak it all up. Thank you for putting this together :)
Ramon Ferrell: This really is beautiful and the background music is so very awesome. Very empowering and I just want to thank my good friend for showing me this video. This is definitely something to listen to every morning and every night. Thank you Heavenly Father!
Devin Burton: Beautiful.
omiolo: "Embrace this day with an enthusiastic welcome" =)
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